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Sandbags Outside House On Flooded Road

Surface water flooding set to increase sharply, putting the success of Flood Re into question

Press release  8 February, 2016

The Flood Re insurance scheme will fail to reduce flood risk and the number of London households eligible for the scheme could increase by up to 75% during its lifespan, … read more »


Unearthing toxic waste dumping in the Horn of Africa

an announcement featuring Caterina Gennaioli  5 February, 2016

In this seminar, Caterina Gennaioli uses extensive data from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) and GPS data to analyse the relationship between recently-built roads and the health status of households. read more »


A breakthrough in Paris

a commentary by Dimitri Zenghelis  4 February, 2016

The deal reached in Paris at the end of last year was a remarkable outcome. This is not because of the ambition associated with national pledges. These remain voluntary and … read more »


Fans of fossil fuels offer Africa an unfair choice

Commentary  4 February, 2016

A handful of campaigners who promote the use of fossil fuels are using newspaper articles to offer a deeply unfair choice to people living in the poorest countries of the … read more »

Swenja Surminski

Taking a risk on the weather

in the news Swenja Surminski  3 February, 2016

Swenja Surminski looks at how the insurance industry is having to adapt to cope with the challenges of possible climate change and highlights some of the problems it faces read more »


G20 and other countries should increase the credibility of their pledges on greenhouse gas emissions

Press release  1 February, 2016

Countries, including members of the G20, should strengthen the credibility of their pledges on emissions in order to build confidence in the Paris Agreement according to analysis by the Institute. read more »


Davos 2016: First steps along the road from Paris

a commentary by Nicholas Stern  27 January, 2016

Nicholas Stern reflects on how the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos represented the first step on the way to implementing the Paris Agreement. read more »

Finance and climate: time for ‘green’ central banking?

Finance and climate: time for ‘green’ central banking?

in the news Emanuele Campiglio  27 January, 2016

Institute Associate, Emanuele Campiglio, looks at the role of the financial system in the transition to a low-carbon economy. read more »


Why are some British newspapers still denying climate change?

in the news Bob Ward  25 January, 2016

Bob Ward, Director of Policy and Communications, says editors of the Mail, Express, Times, Sun and Telegraph should put the interests of their readers first by reporting the real facts about global warming. read more »

Stern: Paris Opened Door on Climate Change

Stern: Paris Opened Door on Climate Change

in the news Nicholas Stern  22 January, 2016

Nicholas Stern discusses the Paris climate agreement, the impact of oil price shocks & China on Bloomberg Surveillance. read more »

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