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Insurance and climate risk: the critical role of regulators

Commentary  14 November, 2018

By Dave Jones, California Insurance Commissioner (January 2011–January 2019) Insurance regulators have a critical role to play in making sure insurance companies are addressing the risks associated with climate change. … read more »

Why the UK Government has frozen fuel duty – again

a commentary by Jared J. Finnegan  12 November, 2018

New research into the link between political competition and fossil fuel taxation offers insight into the UK Government’s decision-making on fuel duty. Spoiler alert: it is all about electoral incentives. read more »

Financing the climate change triple jump: how to align capital with a 1.5°C world

a commentary by Nick Robins  6 November, 2018

The global financial system needs to undertake its own transition, to play its role in limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees. Nick Robins identifies three ‘leaps’ for banks, capital markets, insurers and investors to take. read more »

Where next for sustainable insurance? Five priorities for the next decade

Where next for sustainable insurance? Five priorities for the next decade

a commentary by Swenja Surminski, Nick Robins, William Irwin  5 November, 2018

This commentary reviews how both the insurance sector and its partners could build on the growing momentum and overcome the continuing barriers to deep implementation of sustainable insurance practices over the coming decade. read more »

The Carbon Majors inquiry comes to London

a commentary by Annalisa Savaresi, Joana Setzer  30 October, 2018

On 6 to 8 November 2018, LSE will be hosting the UK hearings of the Philippines-initiated inquiry seeking to attribute the impacts of climate change to the ‘Carbon Majors’ – the world’s largest fossil fuel and cement producers. This commentary provides some background to the hearings. read more »

What does the October 2018 Budget mean for UK carbon pricing in a no-deal Brexit?

a commentary by Josh Burke  30 October, 2018

To tax or to trade – that is the question. Following the October Budget, and as Brexit looms, Josh Burke assesses the policy landscape around carbon pricing in the UK. read more »

Quantifying ambitions: how do countries’ domestic climate change targets align with their commitments to the Paris Agreement?

a commentary by Michal Nachmany, Emily Mangan, Georgina Kyriacou  29 October, 2018

To feed into the Talanoa Dialogue, the Grantham Research Institute and the World Resources Institute have been taking stock of the quantified climate targets set by different Parties to the Paris Agreement. read more »

Few countries have domestic targets for cuts in greenhouse gas emissions that clearly match their pledges to the Paris Agreement

Press release  29 October, 2018

Only 16 countries have set domestic targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are clearly at least as ambitious as their pledged contributions to the goals of the Paris Agreement, … read more »

As South Africa’s carbon tax is delayed again what is the story so far?

a commentary by Patrick Curran  24 October, 2018

Patrick Curran reflects on a nine-year discussion about carbon pricing and carbon tax in South Africa as the country’s government postpones the tax’s implementation once again. read more »

China’s green finance strategy: much achieved, further to go

Commentary  24 October, 2018

By Wang Yao, Director General of the International Institute of Green Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing China’s embrace of green finance has been one of the key … read more »