As part of the Third UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics in collaboration with the UK Committee on Climate Change are investigating climate risks to businesses and industry in the UK. This work will inform the UK Government’s climate change adaptation planning under the Climate Change Act. The research explores the direct and indirect impacts of climate change on businesses operating in the UK. Activities to reduce emissions (climate change mitigation) are not considered.This works builds on CCRA1 (2012) and CCRA2 (2017).  See here for ‘60 seconds – CCRA at a glance’.

For more information about the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment please visit the UK Committee on Climate Change website.

Climate risks for business and industry have been covered in dedicated chapters, with cross-cutting aspects such as infrastructure, international risks and natural capital spread across the full report:

Climate Change Risk Assessment for the Business, Industry and Services Sector – 2012 report

CCRA2 Factsheet Business and industry

CCRA2 Infographic Business and industry

The primary purpose of the CCRA3 evidence report is to provide an assessment of the risks for the UK from climate change impacts, identifying the priority risks, to enable the UK Government and Devolved Administrations to set out objectives, proposals and policies for adapting to climate change. In addition, unless it conflicts with the primary purpose, the CCRA3 evidence report should also seek to inform others making investment and policy decisions where climate is a significant factor; show progression since CCRA1 and CCRA2 on refining assessment of priority risks and; act as a stepping stone to CCRA4 in terms of the approach and framing.

Relevant publications

Assessing climate risks across different business sectors and industries: an investigation of methodological challenges at national scale for the UK
Research article  30 April, 2018
This research explores the methodological challenges for a national-scale assessment of climate risks through the lens of the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (UKCCRA) process and compares the approaches adopted in the first and second UKCCRA (2011, 2016), while also reflecting on international experiences elsewhere.

Advances in risk assessment for climate change adaptation policy
Research article  30 April, 2018
This paper reviews the current practice and frontiers of climate change risk assessment, with specific emphasis on the development of adaptation policy that aims to manage those risks.

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