This Technical Note accompanies G7 leadership for sustainable, resilient and inclusive economic recovery and growth: An independent report requested by the UK Prime Minister for the G7, by Nicholas Stern. It was written by Julia Turner, Mark Meldrum, Veerle Haagh, Oscar Ibsen and Jeremy Oppenheim, from SYSTEMIQ.

SYSTEMIQ has aggregated a range of estimates in order to come to a picture of low-carbon investment opportunities across the 2020s. The Technical Note outlines the sources, assumptions and methodology applied to come to high-level figures for the following elements of analysis:

  • Investment universe: aggregating estimates of investment opportunities and expenditure required across physical and natural capital  
  • Low-carbon investment opportunities: investment opportunities in low-carbon solutions in energy, agriculture, food and land use (AFOLU) and adaptation and resilience.
  • Geographic breakdown of investment: distribution of investment opportunities across advanced, emerging and developing countries, the G7 and China. 

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