Lorenzo is an applied environmental economist. His PhD research focusses on the environmental impacts of deforestation and forest fires in tropical countries, and on the spatial and environmental effects of carbon taxation in developed countries. He joined the Grantham Research Institute as a Research Officer in the Economics of Biodiversity Additionality (BIOADD) project in February 2023.


Lorenzo is completing his PhD in Environmental Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He holds a MSc in Environmental Economics and Climate Change (LSE) and a BA in Economics and Trade from the University of Florence, Italy. During his PhD, he also held a Research Associate role at the European University Institute, working on the dynamic and spatial aspects of structural transformation in Sub-Saharan African Countries.

Research Interests

  • Economics of Biodiversity

  • Spatial Data Science and Econometrics

  • Carbon Pricing


Research - 2023

The carbon tax introduced in British Columbia, Canada in 2018 is found to have had positive impacts on air quality. However the health co-benefits have been greatest in less polluted, less densely-populated and better-off neighbourhoods - highlighting that a carbon tax can exacerbate existing variations in pollution and health, where poorer areas are worse affected. Read more

Vancouver, British Columbia - smog

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