Anandita (Ana) is a PhD student interested in investigating social influences on collective climate action. Through her research, she hopes to utilise psychological insights to promote collective pro-environmental behaviour in diverse cultural settings. A proponent of ethical and transparent research practices, Ana aims to inculcate the values of empathy, diversity, equity, and open science in her research. 


Having lived in India, Singapore, and now the UK, Ana has had the opportunity to reflect on the diverse and disproportionate impacts of climate change on various sectors of society. These experiences have shaped her desires to contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation in the global south. Prior to starting her PhD at LSE, Ana completed her MPhil in Psychology at the university of Cambridge, with the Cambridge Social Decision-making Lab. Her thesis examined the “Greta effect,” testing the psychological mechanisms through which climate activist Greta Thunberg influences collective action among various social groups. Ana received her BA (Hons) in Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) from Yale-NUS college in Singapore. Her undergraduate research projects, conducted at Yale-NUS college, Pomona college, and Stanford University, studied the effects of mindsets on interdisciplinary thinking, and the role of affective social norms in promoting pro-environmental behaviour. 

Passionate about communicating her research, Ana has presented her findings through talks and posters at conferences including the Society for Personality and Social Psychology’s annual convention, the British Psychological Society’s Social Psychology Section, and the Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology. 

Research Interests

  • Climate change communication 
  • Collective climate action 
  • Social influence
  • Cultural differences


Research - 2022

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