Credits for all photographs: LSESU Energy Society

Grantham Research Institute members David Grover and Baran Doda joined students from LSE and beyond, to talk about transparency and carbon reporting, as part of the LSE Energy Society’s annual conference for students, held on the 28th January 2013 in London.

The talk, given as part of the Institute’s public communications programme, shared some of the Institute’s interim research findings from a new project which examines the carbon-specific management practices being used by firms to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Drawing on data sourced from the Carbon Disclosure Project, and covering 582 companies, across 29 industry sectors and 17 countries in the EU and Japan, the team’s research explores the relationship between firm management practices and firm carbon emissions.

To date, interim findings indicate practices such as setting direct emissions targets (and the strength of these targets), creating carbon-related performance incentives for employees, and incorporating emissions into the corporate business strategy, associate with lower carbon emissions.

The team will continue to explore this in the coming months through a number of research papers.

You can find out more about the project by contacting David Grover or Baran Doda.

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