PCAN, the Place-based Climate Action Network is launching its first report on Trends in local climate action in the UK, 13.30-14.30 on Thursday 18th March 2021. 

There is strong, vibrant and broad-based support for more climate action at the local level in the UK; and local authorities and communities have emerged as an important, dynamic driving force of climate change action. PCAN’s first report on Trends in local climate action in the UK surveys the rapidly changing landscape of local climate action in the UK.

The report documents the measures taken by local authorities, the growth in community-focused, participatory initiatives and the role played by local businesses and the financial sector. Our findings are based on conversations with local policy makers and practitioners, the review of relevant documents and our own impressions as practitioners and researchers in the field. 

The event will be chaired by Prof. Sam Fankhauser and the report will be presented by Dr Candice Howarth. (Other speakers tbc)  

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