Dr. Shouro Dasgupta is a Researcher at Fondazione CMCC and EIEE, a Lecturer at Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia and a Visiting Fellow to the Grantham Research Institute. 

He will be presenting his paper ‘Climate change and child health’, co-authored with Dr. Elizabeth Robinson.

Abstract: Climate change affects human health in multiple and complex ways and these health impacts vary across time and space, both within and across countries ways and children are uniquely vulnerable to these threats. Whilst many studies provide a compelling rationale, few provide attribution to climate change at the global level. There is a lack of focus on climate change and child health, with many studies only including children as a sub-population of analysis and most studies are from high-income and upper-middle-income countries or are focused on a few countries. We combine high-resolution climatic data and with a large dataset on children’s health data from more than a hundred countries to estimate the effects of both gradual and extreme climatic change (drought and heatwaves). We study a variety of children’s health indicators including infant and child mortality, wasting, and stunting. Our findings suggest a non-linear relationship between temperature and children’s health, adverse effects of increase in extreme events, and a strong regional heterogeneity in these impacts. In the second step, we combine our robust exposure-response functions to compute impacts of future climate change on child health under various warming scenarios.

Please email gri.events@lse.ac.uk  to request the Zoom joining details for this workshop by 5pm on Tuesday, 19th October 2021.

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