This high-level conference was hosted by the London School of Economics in partnership with the Government of Rwanda. The forum aimed to explore and raise the visibility of climate change adaptation issues, in terms both of human security and of development.

Speakers included: His Excellency the President of Rwanda, Mary Robinson and Sir Howard Davies, Director of LSE

Overview of the conference

Overview of this conference on sustainable adaptation, development and human rights

This conference addressed, at a strategic level, relevant issues at the interface of environmental science, sustainability, development and human rights.

It aimed to explore the opportunities relating to the implementation of Africa’s climate change adaptation policy framework by focusing discussion on the impact of climate change on development, governance and human rights, and exploring Africa’s Climate Change adaptation strategy.

The forum was envisaged as a way of creating momentum for the identification of best practice in the field.

The conference was also expected to make a contribution to formulating a set of actionable principles relating to climate change adaptation and mitigation in Africa: intended to be a high-level opportunity to meet interested parties in the fields of climate change, development and human rights, bringing together governments, academic experts, business leaders, nongovernmental organisations and policy makers in Africa.

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