Simon is a Visiting Senior Fellow at the Grantham Research Institute. He is also a Researcher in energy and climate economics in the Research & Development Department of Électricité de France (EDF Lab Paris-Saclay), a Visiting Researcher at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), and an Associate Researcher at the Climate Economics Chair (Paris-Dauphine University, PSL).


Simon worked at the Institute as a Research Officer (postdoc) from October 2018 to September 2020. In 2017 he completed his PhD in economics at the Climate Economics Chair, Paris-Dauphine University (PSL Research University) and then served as an associate lecturer and researcher at Paris-Dauphine for one year. He also holds a MRes in environmental and energy economics from ENPC ParisTech and a MEng in energy and fluid mechanics from ENSTA ParisTech.

Research interests

  • Carbon pricing and climate policy;
  • Energy economics and markets;
  • Environmental and resource economics;
  • Decision theory and game theory


Research - 2022

The author of this paper provides a quantitative assessment of policy options to inform the 2021 review of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) and raise climate ambition. They use a permit trading model in which firms utilize rolling finite planning horizons, which replicates historical price and banking developments well compared to an in- finite horizon. Read more

Research - 2020

Following reform of the EU emissions trading system (ETS) in 2018 further regulatory amendments are on the horizon as part of the 2021 review. This paper evaluates and compares the impacts of realistic regulatory changes within the ETS to inform the 2021 review and raise ambition, examining two main policy levers: the linear reduction factor and the market stability reserve. Read more

Research - 2019

The authors of this paper develop a model to evaluate first, the market developments in the European Union emissions trading scheme (EU ETS) over 2008–2017 ex-post and second, the performances of main features of the EU ETS reforms that took place in 2018, ex-ante. Read more


Events - 2018


News - 2020

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