Ethics, equity and the economics of climate change. Paper 1: science and philosophy

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This paper examines a broad range of ethical perspectives and principles relevant to the analysis of issues raised by the science of climate change and explores their implications.  A second and companion paper extends this analysis to the contribution of ethics, conomics and politics in understanding policy towards climate change. These tasks must start with the science which tells us that this is a problem of risk management on an immense  scale.  Risks on this scale take us far outside the familiar policy questions and standard, largely marginal, techniques commonly used by economists; this is a subject that requires the full breadth and depth of what economics has to offer and a much more thoughtful view of ethics than economists usually bring to bear. Different philosophical approaches bring different perspectives on understanding and policy, yet they generally point to the case for strong action to manage climate change.

Economics and Philosophy, Vol 30, Issue 03. November 2014. pp 397 – 444.
DOI: 10.1017/S0266267114000297