Dr Richard Perkins


Richard is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Geography at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).


Richard joined LSE in 2006, having previously lectured at the University of Plymouth.

He received his PhD in Geography (‘Environmental Leapfrogging in India’) from the University of Cambridge in 2002.

Research interests

  • Economic globalisation and environmental change;
  • Environmental policy implementation and compliance;
  • Innovation diffusion and convergence;
  • Corporate environmentalism;
  • Geopolitics of ‘ethical’ foreign policy.
Research article  31 January, 2019

‘A very human business’—Transnational networking initiatives and domestic climate action

The past two decades have witnessed a proliferation of transnational networking initiatives aimed at addressing climate change. Previous work has suggested that these initiatives largely achieve their governance functions … read more »


Working paper  1 February, 2012

Environmental regulation and the cross-border diffusion of new technology: evidence from automobile patents

This article examines the impact of environmental regulation within countries, as well as regulatory distance between countries on international technology transfer. read more »


Working paper  1 September, 2009

How do domestic attributes affect international spillovers of CO2-efficiency?

Although there is evidence that CO2-efficiency enhancing innovations in one country diffuse into other countries to contribute to the goals of climate change mitigation, very little … read more »

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