Mamadou Diop


Working paper  9 November, 2017

How do African SMEs respond to climate risks? Evidence from Kenya and Senegal

This paper investigates the extent to which, and how, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in poor countries are adapting to climate risks, finding that the ability of firms to respond depends on factors that can be shaped through policy intervention. read more »


Working paper  16 December, 2016

Enabling private sector adaptation in developing countries and their semi-arid regions – case studies of Senegal and Kenya

Climate change poses increasing risks to economic growth and development efforts across the world. Semi-arid regions (SARs) are one of the hotpots that have been identified by the Intergovernmental Panel … read more »

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Policy report  31 July, 2017

Private Sector Adaptation Strategies: How SMEs start to respond to Senegal's semi-arid zones (In French)

Although research on climate change adaptation has been conducted on households and communities, particularly in Senegal’s semi-arid lands (SALs), very little attention has been paid to the local private sector, … read more »

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