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  • Hélia Costa

    Former Research Officer

    Hélia Costa was a research officer jointly at LSE Cities and the Grantham Research Institute. Her focus was mainly on urban climate adaptation, particularly on the project RAMSES (Reconciling Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainable Development for Cities). Her general research interests lie on the field of applied microeconomics, specifically in several areas of environmental economics and political economy.


    She has a PhD in Economics from the European University Institute, in Florence, Italy, and an MSc in Economics, Markets and Public Policies from the University of Minho, in Portugal. Previous to joining LSE she was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford.


    Working paper  29 July, 2016

    Climate change, heat stress and labour productivity: A cost methodology for city economies

    Cities are particularly vulnerable to heat waves. Despite this, no comprehensive methodology has been developed to assess the costs of heat stress on city economies either currently or under future … read more »

    Working paper  11 February, 2016

    Pork barrel as a signaling tool: the case of US environmental policy

    Are environmental policies affected by the political cycle? This paper investigates if environmental spending is used as pork barrel with signaling purposes. It develops a two-period model of electoral competition … read more »

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    Commentary  29 July, 2016

    Heat waves, productivity, and the urban economy: What are the costs?

    Increasingly hot summers can have devastating effects on worker productivity. As temperatures increase, workers feel decreased energy, loss of concentration, muscle cramps, heat rash, and in extreme cases heat exhaustion … read more »

    Announcement  15 February, 2016

    Grantham researcher wins Young Environmental Economist Award

          Research Officer, Hélia Costa won the IAERE Young Environmental Economist Award 2016 for her paper Pork Barrel as a Signaling Tool: The Case of US Environmental Policy. … read more »

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    Book Launch 8 Sep 2016

    Book launch | The economics of climate-resilient development

    Professor Sam Fankhauser and Dr Thomas McDermott host a panel debate to launch their new edited volume ‘The Economics of Climate-Resilient Development‘. The panel includes a number of the contributors to the … read more »

    Grantham Workshop 20 Apr 2016

    Grantham Workshop | Hélia Costa "Gone with the wind? Local employment impact of wind energy investment"

    Hélia Costa, Research Officer at the Grantham Research Institute, will be the speaker for this seminar.


    Grantham Workshop 4 Mar 2015

    Grantham Workshop - Hélia Costa - "Pork Barrel as a Signalling Tool: The Case of US Environmental Policy".

    Hélia Costa, a Research Officer at the Grantham Research Institute, will be the speaker for this seminar.

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