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Christian Siderius

Former Research Fellow

Christian Siderius was a Research Fellow at the Grantham Research Institute. He studies people’s adaptation strategies to climate variability and uncertainty, applying economic concepts like flexibility and diversification. He works with Declan Conway on the El Nina project, studying the impact of this years’ El Nina on SMEs in Central and Southern Africa, and on the UMFULA project which focuses on decision making under uncertainty in the same region. Christian also manages a Kuwait Programme Research Grant project on ‘Understanding the Changing Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Kuwait and the Gulf Region’ .


Christian holds a Masters degree in hydrology from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and a PhD degree in environmental economics from the same university. His doctoral thesis focuses on flexibility in land and water use for coping with rainfall variability.

Over the past 10 years, Christian worked for various large climate and water related research projects, focusing mainly on East Africa and South Asia.

Next to the Grantham institute he remains connected to Alterra, one of the main research institutes of Wageningen UR.

Research interests

  • Adaptation
  • Decision making under uncertainty
  • Water resources allocation
  • Hydro-economic modelling
  • Food security
  • Coping with climate variability



Research article  12 December, 2019

Characterising the water-energy-food nexus in Kuwait and the Gulf region

Economic challenges as a result of the recent fluctuations in oil prices have exposed unprecedented risks to Kuwait and the other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, including securing long-term sustainable … read more »

Research article  10 July, 2019

Importance of snow and glacier meltwater for agriculture on the Indo-Gangetic Plain

The faster melting of glaciers in the Himalayas in recent years will affect the crop production and livelihoods of around 129 million farmers who depend on meltwater from these glaciers, according to this paper published in Nature Sustainability. read more »

Research article  9 April, 2019

Patterns of outdoor exposure to heat in three South Asian cities

This paper presents an assessment of exposure to outdoor heat in the South Asian cities Delhi, Dhaka, and Faisalabad. read more »


Research article  4 December, 2018

Business experience of floods and drought-related water and electricity supply disruption in three cities in sub-Saharan Africa during the 2015/2016 El Niño

The El Niño event in 2015/2016 was one of the strongest since at least 1950. Through surveys and interviews with key informants, we found businesses in the capital cities of … read more »

Research article  7 November, 2018

Going local: Evaluating and regionalizing a global hydrological model’s simulation of river flows in a medium-sized East African basin

Rapid advances in global hydrological model (GHM) resolution, model features, and in situ and remotely sensed datasets are driving progress towards local relevance and application. Despite their increasing use, however, … read more »

Research article  26 April, 2018

When do Indians feel hot? Internet searches indicate seasonality suppresses adaptation to heat

In a warming world an increasing number of people are being exposed to heat, making a comfortable thermal environment an important need. This study explores the potential of using Regional … read more »

Research article  5 January, 2018

Hydrological Response and Complex Impact Pathways of the 2015/2016 El Niño in Eastern and Southern Africa

The 2015/2016 El Niño was one of the three most severe on record. El Niño is commonly linked to droughts in southern Africa and extreme rainfall in eastern Africa but … read more »


Research article  17 May, 2016

Crop-specific seasonal estimates of irrigation-water demand in South Asia

Biemans, H., Siderius, C., Mishra, A., and Ahmad, B. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 20, 1971-1982, doi:10.5194/hess-20-1971-2016, 2016.

Research article  13 May, 2016

The role of rainfed agriculture in securing food production in the Nile Basin

Siderius, C., Van Walsum, P.E.V., Roest, C.W.J., Smit, A.A.M.F.R., Hellegers, P.J.G.J., Kabat, P. and Van Ierland, E.C. (2016) The role of rainfed agriculture in securing food production in the Nile … read more »

Research article  2 March, 2016

Flexible Strategies for Coping with Rainfall Variability: Seasonal Adjustments in Cropped Area in the Ganges Basin

Christian Siderius, Hester Biemans, Paul E. V. van Walsum, Ekko C. van Ierland, Pavel Kabat and Petra J. G. J. Hellegers. In: PLOS, 2016

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Policy publications  6 September, 2019

Cities, climate change and chronic heat exposure

Climate change will lead to increases in the occurrence of chronic heat exposure over longer durations and there is an urgent need to focus on managing the risks this poses, as well as the immediate risks from shorter-lived heat events. This policy brief looks at the problem with a focus on developing and emerging economies, and provides recommendations for action by government, utilities, property developers and investors, development support and finance organisations. read more »

Policy publications  7 August, 2019

Designing a process for assessing climate resilience in Tanzania’s Rufiji river basin

This brief introduces the concept of climate information and reasons for its use in major decisions about water, energy and agriculture, including new infrastructure investments. read more »


Policy publications  27 October, 2017

Future climate projections for Malawi

This brief provides an overview of future climate change in Malawi, using results from the latest available climate model simulations. The UMFULA research team of the Future Climate for Africa … read more »

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In the news  7 August, 2019

Understanding the water-energy-food nexus in a warming climate

Understanding the connections between water use, and energy and food production can help us address some of challenges posed by climate change. read more »


Commentary  14 October, 2016

How can Africa’s SMEs become more resilient to climatic disruption?

A new Grantham Research Institute project is exploring the impact of El Niño and La Niña events on small-and medium-sized enterprises in Africa. read more »

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Grantham Workshop 16 May 2018

Grantham Workshop | Christian Siderius

This workshop will be given by Christian Siderius, a Research Officer at Grantham Research Institute.

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