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  • Ara Jo

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    Ara’s research focuses on the provision of global public goods such as climate change mitigation with a particular focus on the role of culture.


    Ara did an MA in Economics at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

    Research interests

    • Provision of public goods
    • Culture and Institution
    • Climate change
    Working paper  4 June, 2018

    Trust, compliance and international regulation

    This paper uses data on the compliance of installations regulated under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme to investigate how the levels of trust in a country affect the compliance of firms with regulations on climate change. read more »

    Working paper  23 March, 2018

    Trust and CO2 emissions: Cooperation on a global scale

    This paper finds that the culture of cooperation sustained by trust within a country positively affects international cooperative behaviour, showing that an increase in trust between citizens results in larger cuts in carbon dioxide emissions. read more »

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