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  • Ara Jo

    Former Research student

    Ara’s research focuses on the provision of global public goods such as climate change mitigation with a particular focus on the role of culture.


    Ara did an MA in Economics at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

    Research interests

    • Provision of public goods
    • Culture and Institution
    • Climate change


    Working paper  4 June, 2018

    Trust and compliance: evidence from the EU emissions trading scheme

    This paper uses data on the compliance of installations regulated under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme to investigate how the levels of trust in a country affect the compliance of firms with regulations on climate change. read more »

    Working paper  23 March, 2018

    Trust and CO2 emissions: Cooperation on a global scale

    This paper finds that the culture of cooperation sustained by trust within a country positively affects international cooperative behaviour, showing that an increase in trust between citizens results in larger cuts in carbon dioxide emissions. read more »

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    graph of trust correlation with compliance
    Commentary  5 July, 2018

    Businesses from trusting countries are more likely to comply with environmental regulations

    What affects how compliant businesses are with environmental regulations? Traditional enforcement measures such as fines and inspections by authorities can be an effective deterrent for rule-breaking. Recent research has also … read more »

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