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  • Adaptation and development

  • Mintewab Bezabih

    Research Officer

    Mintewab joined the the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment in November 2012.

    Her work at the Institute includes assessing small farmers’ opportunities and constraints to climate change adaptation, and studying the complementarities in weather insurance schemes and public safety net programs.


    Prior to joining the Institute, Mintewab worked as a Research Fellow in the University of Portsmouth and University of Sussex

    Research interests

    • Climate change and the productivity of agroecosystems;
    • Management of multispecies fisheries under the risk of collapse;
    • Land reform programs;
    • The performance of land markets and contracts;
    • Gender issues.


    Research article  17 November, 2015

    The Role of Land Certification in Reducing Gaps in Productivity between Male- and Female-Owned Farms in Rural Ethiopia

    This paper analyses the impact of a low-cost land certification programme on the productivity of female-headed households. The hypotheses tested in the paper emphasise on the interaction between the constraints … read more »

    Working paper  11 September, 2015

    The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange and spatial price dispersion

    This working paper looks at the impact of an institutional intervention on market efficiency in Ethiopia. More specifically it examines whether regional warehouses that are connected to a national commodity exchange reduce transaction costs and price dispersion between regions. read more »


    Working paper  16 September, 2014

    The land certification program and off-farm employment in Ethiopia

    Land tenure security has long been touted as key to increased performance of the agricultural sector in developing countries. This paper utilizes household level panel data to analyse the impact … read more »

    Working paper  1 February, 2014

    Is it the climate or the weather? Differential economic impacts of climatic factors in Ethiopia

    This paper assesses the distinct impacts of weather and climate change measures on agricultural revenue of farm households in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. This distinction … read more »


    Working paper  1 June, 2013

    Social capital, climate change and soil conservation investment: panel data evidence from the Highlands of Ethiopia

    The paper analyses the impact of climate change and local social networks on farmers’ soil conservation behaviour in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia. Farm household level … read more »


    Research article  27 November, 2012

    Crop biodiversity, productivity and production risk: Panel data micro-evidence from Ethiopia

    Bangwayo-Skeete, P. F., Bezabih, M. and Zikhali, P. (2012). Natural Resources Forum, 36: 263–273.

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    Policy report  26 January, 2015

    Green agricultural policies and poverty reduction

    Since developing countries typically have large agricultural sectors, the implementation of green agricultural policies can play a key role in helping shift to low-carbon economies. However, the challenge … read more »

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    Conferences 26 Mar 2015

    Green Growth and the New Industrial Revolution

    Keynote Speakers Professor Cameron Hepburn, University of Oxford and Grantham Research Institute Simon Upton, Environment Director, OECD Chairs Professor Dame Judith Rees, Grantham Research Institute Professor Sam Fankhauser, Grantham Research … read more »

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