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  • Elizabeth Baldwin

    Research Officer

    Research Officer

    Elizabeth’s research has two themes: the modelling of impacts from climate change; and the theory and practice of auctions for multiple related goods, along with the underlying geometry of consumer theory.


    Elizabeth has a doctorate and masters in economics from Oxford University.  Her thesis focused on the economics of preferences, in the contexts of climate change and of consumer theory for indivisible goods.

    She advises the Department of Energy and Climate Change on auction design, specifically in setting the strike price of renewable energy support. Working with Paul Klemperer, she advised the Bank of England on a recently-implemented extension of their Indexed Long-Term Repo auctions.  She also works in decision theory relating to damages from climate change.

    Prior to this work, her background was in mathematics. She has a master’s and a doctorate, specialising in geometry, also from Oxford University, where she worked for two years as a postdoctoral researcher studying geometric invariant theory and the moduli spaces of curves and maps.


    Research programmes

    • Global response strategies
    • Practical aspects of climate policy

    Research interests

    • The economics of climate change damages and policy responses
    • Energy economics
    • Environmental policies
    • Applied economics
    • Practical auction theory and market design
    • Consumer theory for indivisible goods
    • Matching with transferable utility

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    Grantham Workshop 3 Jun 2015

    Grantham Workshop | Elizabeth Baldwin: 'Climate policy with incomplete knowledge'

    Elizabeth Baldwin, a Research Officer at the Grantham Research Institute, will be the speaker for this seminar.

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