The following are UMFULA publications that have been published by the Grantham Research Institute. All publications produced by the consortium can be viewed here.

Mobilizing Climate Information for Decision-Making in Africa: Contrasting User-Centered and Knowledge-Centered Approaches
January 2021

Insurance as a catalyst for using climate risk information for government planning and decision-making: A framework for analysing drivers and barriers, tested against evidence emerging from Sub-Saharan Africa
October 2019

The current and future climate of central and southern Africa: What we have learnt and what it means for decision-making in Malawi and Tanzania
October 2019

Creating useful and usable weather and climate information – insights from Participatory Scenario Planning in Malawi
September 2019

Designing a process for assessing climate resilience in Tanzania’s Rufiji river basin
August 2019

Brief: Projecting future water availability in Lake Malawi and the Shire River basin
June 2019

Fourth Africa Climate Resilience Investment Summit 2019: Virtual presentations
March 2019

Writeshops – key tools for generating outputs in international research projects (Blog)
December 2018

Going local: Evaluating and regionalizing a global hydrological model’s simulation of river flows in a medium-sized East African basin (published in Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies)
November 2018

How do staff motivation and workplace environment affect capacity of governments to adapt to climate change in developing countries? (published in: Environmental Science & Policy)
October 2018

Conflicting policies impeding climate change efforts (news article)
September 2018

Policy coherence for sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa
August 2018

Without policy coherence achieving the Sustainable Development Goals will be difficult
August 2018

Climate information needs in Southern Africa: a review
July 2018

Climate change adaptation and cross-sectoral policy coherence in southern Africa (published in Regional Environmental Change)
April 2018

Co-production: aspiration and reality. Co-production sounds lovely, but have we ever seen it? (Blog)
February 2018

Climate change and the water–energy–food nexus: insights from policy and practice in Tanzania (published in Climate Policy)
December 2017

Future climate projections for Tanzania
November 2017

Future climate projections for Malawi
October 2017

Guide: How to understand and interpret global climate model results
September 2017

Climate change adaptation and cross-sectoral policy coherence in southern Africa
April 2017

Africa’s climate: Helping decision-makers make sense of climate information
November 2016

Climate models: What they show us and how they can be used in planning
December 2016

Climate, dams and data in Tanzania – blog
April 2017

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