Cement industry top management now has little confidence in the EU ETS;  structural reform is needed to help investment in energy efficiency and innovation, and reduce energy costs and carbon emissions in Europe” said Karsten Neuhoff, from the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), launching a key new economic report today.  Neuhoff is lead author of the report, on the European cement industry by the international research network Climate Strategies. The study looks at the experience of the European cement sector with the EU ETS and other energy and climate policy instruments.

K.Neuhoff; B. Vanderborght; A. Ancygier; A.T. Atasoy; M. Haussner; R. Ismer; B. Mack; JP. Ponssard; P. Quirion; A. van Rooij; N. Sabio; O. Sartor; M. Sato and A. Schopp

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