Rosey Hurst is Founder and Managing Director of Impactt, a consultancy specialising in human rights and forced labour in global supply chains.  She is Chair of the modern slavery charity, UNSEEN, serves on the Responsible Investment Advisory Council at Columbia Threadneedle and is a Visiting Professor in Practice to the LSE- Grantham institute.


Rosey has over 25 years’ experience in the diagnosis and remedy of human rights abuses in global supply chains, working in the garments, food, electronics, construction and energy industries.  She has pioneered techniques which focus on ensuring that workers’ experience is at the centre of both diagnosis and remedy.  Impactt’s work on the repayment of recruitment fees paid by migrant workers, the remediation of child labour in the industrial context and the reimbursement of workers for non-payment of wages has brought lived experience into the development of principles and guidelines which are increasingly widely accepted and implemented in global supply chains.

Research interests

  • Forced labour and human rights in global supply chains
  • Remedy
  • Sustainable finance and impact measurement
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