Dr Minette Nago is a policy Fellow at the Grantham Research Institute working on how to efficiently and effectively support sustainability efforts in Africa.


Minette Nago holds a PhD in political science with a specialisation in environmental governance from the Georg-August University of Göttingen in Germany, where she worked for many years as a researcher on forests and climate change cooperation politics. Her research focuses on North-South cooperation politics on climate change (actors, formal and informal interests, cooperation corridors). She has also worked as a climate policy expert at the UNFCCC’s Global Stocktake of the Paris Agreement and in several research organisations in Central Africa. For several years now, she has been teaching forest and climate diplomacy at the universities of Göttingen in Germany and Montpellier in France. Through the AFORPOLIS initiative she co-founded in 2017, she is currently engaged in strengthening North-South knowledge transfer on climate change and has so far led the organisations of numerous capacity building workshops on this issue in Africa. She has also published articles on climate and forest policy in various peer-reviewed journals and served as a reviewer for many other peer-reviewed journals.

Research Interests

• Climate change cooperation corridors

• North-South climate change cooperation

• Forest and climate change diplomacy

• Congo Basin

Publications produced prior to joining the Institute

Nago, Minette, and Max Krott. “Systemic failures in north–south climate change knowledge transfer: a case study of the Congo Basin.” Climate Policy 22.5 (2022): 623-636.

Nago, Minette, and Symphorien Ongolo. “Inside forest diplomacy: a case study of the congo basin under global environmental governance.” Forests 12.5 (2021): 525.

Nago, Minette. “The role of aid agencies within environmental cooperation in Congo Basin: facilitators or policy entrepreneurs?.” Development Studies Research 8.1 (2021): 135-146.

Nago, Minette, Sophie Paulmann, and Max Krott. “Illusions of the European timber regulation: control deficits in the global North and South using the example of Germany and Cameroon.” (2021): 49-61.

Mulugetta, Yacob, et al. “Africa needs context-relevant evidence to shape its clean energy future.” Nature Energy 7.11 (2022): 1015-1022.

Sarker, Pradip Kumar, et al. “The forest policy outputs of regional regimes: a qualitative comparative analysis on the effects of formalization, hegemony and issue-focus around the globe.” International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics (2024): 1-19.

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