Dr. Liam F. Beiser-McGrath is an Assistant Professor in International Social and Public Policy in the Department of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science. They are also the organiser of EPG Online, an online seminar series covering Environmental Politics and Governance.

Liam Beiser-McGrath’s research primarily focuses on the political feasibility of efforts to tackle climate change and environmental problems, using experimental research designs and machine learning. Current topics include:

1. How the design of policy can increase public support for tackling climate change and environmental problems.

2. How individuals’ economic conditions, and economic inequality more broadly, affects willingness to support costly climate policy.

3. The importance of international action and ambition in building support for meaningful emissions reductions.

Research in these areas covers all the major global emitters, such as China, Germany, India, Japan, United Kingdom, and the USA, and has been published in leading peer-reviewed journals such as Nature Climate Change, Science Advances, Comparative Political Studies, Political Analysis, Global Environmental Politics, Regulation and Governance, Political Science Research & Methods, Climatic Change, and the Journal of Public Policy.

Research interests

  • Political Feasibility of Climate and Environmental Policy
  • Politics of Carbon Taxation
  • The impact of Economic and Energy Insecurity upon Policy Preferences
  • Air Pollution in Major Cities
  • Inequality and Climate Change
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