On Wednesday 20 March, the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment (LSE) launched their policy brief,  ‘A dash for ‘smart gas’? The future role of natural gas in UK electricity generation’ at the House of Commons. This was published jointly with the Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial College London.

The event, with the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group (APPCCG), included high-level debate about the future role of natural gas in UK electricity generation.

The policy report aims to provide clarity about the potential future role of natural gas in UK electricity generation, including its implications for costs, energy security and the environment. The analysis is based on a review of the most up-to-date evidence about the opportunities and challenges presented by conventional and unconventional resources of natural gas. It takes into account the UK’s carbon constraints, international gas market dynamics, environmental impacts and technological progress

Report findings were presented by Samuela Bassi, Policy Analyst at the Grantham Research Institute. An invited panel joined the authors of the policy report to discuss what role natural gas should play in meeting the UK’s future energy needs.

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