A new report released today (5 September 2018) by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate finds that we are significantly under-estimating the benefits of cleaner, climate-smart growth. The report findings show that bold climate action could deliver at least US$26 trillion in economic benefits through to 2030, compared with business-as-usual.

The Report highlights opportunities in five key economic systems – energy, cities, food and land use, water, and industry. It demonstrates that ambitious action across these systems could deliver net economic gains compared with business-as-usual.

One of the contributors to the report was Professor Lord Nicholas Stern, Chair of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, who is also a co-chair of the Global Commission which published the report.

Commenting on the publication of the report Lord Stern said:

“We can now see that this new growth story embodies very powerful dynamics: innovation, learning-by-doing, and economies of scale. Further, it offers us the very attractive combination of cities where we can move, breathe, and be productive; sustainable infrastructure that is not only clean and efficient, but also withstands increasingly frequent and severe climate extremes; and ecosystems that are more productive, robust, and resilient.”

 The Report, “Unlocking the Inclusive Growth Story of the 21st Century” can be downloaded here

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