Past events:

Implementing the NDCs to the Paris Agreement: Bridging the legislative and policy gap (COP 22 Side Event, co-hosted with the Inter-Parliamentary Union)

Date: 17 November 2016, 11.30am – 1pm(GMT) – Live Stream available here.
Venue: COP22, Marrakesh –  Observer room 5 (300)

Parliamentarians, negotiators and policy experts discuss the findings of the Global climate legislation data and the analysis of the legislative gap that needs to be bridged to implement the NDCs to the Paris agreement. They will also share experiences with initiating NDC implementation. Speakers include:

  • Professor Lord Stern of Brentford, Chair, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, London School of Economics
  • Saber Chowdhury, President, Inter-Parliamentary Union
  • Dr Alina Averchenkova, Co-Head Climate Policy, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, London School of Economics

Parliamentary meeting on the occasion  of COP 22, 13 November 2016, organized  by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and the Parliament of Morocco-Alina on the panel

Speaker: Alina Averchenkova, co-head policy, Grantham Research Institute
Date: 15 March 2016
Venue: COP22, Marrakesh

Marrakesh Climate Law & Governance Day 2016 ‘Crafting the Paris Rulebook & Implementing the Paris Agreement ‘, 11 November, Alina on the panel

Speaker: Alina Averchenkova, co-head policy, Grantham Research Institute
Date: 11 November March 2016
Venue: COP22, Marrakesh


Presentation at the International Parliamentary Conference on Sustainability, Energy and Development

The study was presented to legislators from 34 countries, as part of a 4 day international parliamentary conference organised by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the United Nations Development Programme.

The presentation explored legislators’ roles in the post-Paris climate policy making phase. It presented the climate legislation study as a resource and tool, and its informational and political uses. The Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) credibility study was discussed, and thoughts were offered on moving forward on commitments.

Chair: Rt Hon. the Lord Deben, House of Lords, UK and Chairman of the UK’s Committee on Climate Change

Panellists (by order of appearance):

  • Michal Nachmany, Lead author of the Global Climate Legislation Study, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London, UK
  • Robert Ondhowe, Programme Manager, Energy and Climate Change, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • Julia Keutgen, Parliamentary Development Specialist, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • Graham Stuart MP, Chair, Globe International and Member of the House of Commons, UK

Date: 15 March 2016
Venue: Church House Conference Centre

Side event at COP 21 – Credibility of national actions and INDCs: worldwide legislative and policy developments
Parliamentarians and policy experts will discuss the findings of two recent studies on the credibility of national climate-related action and the prospects for meeting emissions targets and raising ambition post-Paris. The 2015 Global Climate Legislation Study provided insights into climate legislation and policies in 99 countries, which together account for 93 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. A new study to be released at the event develops a framework for assessing credibility of the national mitigation actions and applies it to the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) put forward by the G20 countries.

Speakers: Prof. Nick Stern, LSE; Hon. Saber Chowdhury, IPU President; Dr. Alina Averchenkova, Grantham Institute; Lord Prescott (UK); Mr. Kennedy Graham MP (New Zealand); Ms. Vandana Chavan, MP (India).

Date: Tuesday, 08 Dec 2015
Time: 15.00-16.30
Venue:Le Bourget, Observer room 03, Paris

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Alina Averchenkova ( – Grantham Research Institute
Mr. Serguei Tchelnokov ( – Inter-Parliamentary Union

Climate Legislation, a fundamental prerequisite to an effective international deal
Side event at COP 21 organised by the Nordic Council

Progress on the climate front does not depend solely on what our governments decide. The Parliaments play a crucial role. Domestic legislation is needed in order to establish the institutional frameworks and policies to measure, report, verify, and manage emissions. It is one thing to pass legislation and another to implement it. The role of legislators does not end when legislation is passed. Legislators’ have an important role in oversight of governments and in approving national budgets that provide funds needed for implementing climate legislation. At this Side Event the progress with climate related legislation will be explored on the basis of the 2015 Climate Legislation Study.


Dr. Alina Averchenkova, the Grantham Research Institute; Lessons learned about national legislation on climate change: The main findings of GLOBE Climate Legislation Study, A Review of Climate Change Legislation in 99 Countries.

John Gummer, Lord Deben, Chair of the Committee on Climate Change, UK, and  former Minister for Environment: We have made important but not sufficient progress! Are parliamentarians and parliaments as involved in the climate change challenges as they need and should be? How do we strengthen their role on the road forward from Paris? How can we as parliamentarians become better to share experiences?

Malini Mehra, Chief Executive, International Secretariat — GLOBE International: Looking forward after Paris! Climate legislation as an instrument for supporting the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals.

Satu Hassi, MP Finland; The experience with climate legislation in Finland and the EU Parliament

Ola Elvestuen, MP Norway: The experience with climate legislation in Norway

Members of Pan-African Parliament; The experience with climate legislation in African

Facilitator: Steen Gade, Adviser for the Nordic Council

Date: Thursday, 10 Dec 2015
Time: 12.15-13.45
Venue: Nordic Council of Minister’s Pavilion: New Nordic Climate Solutions, “Blue Zone”, Hall 2B, Room 65 – COP21, Le Bourget, Paris


Presentation of the 2015 Global Climate Legislation Study to the Chinese Government
The study was presented to senior government officials in China, including Li Junfeng – Director General of The NCSC (National Centre for Strategy and International Cooperation on Climate Change), and Li Gao – Deputy Director General of the Climate Change Department at the NDRC.
Speaker: Terry Townshend
Date: Wednesday, 11 Nov 2015





Presentation to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) / Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Legislators Expert Meeting on Climate Change

The study was presented to legislators from 16 countries, as part of an expert workshop organised by UNEP and the CPA. The session was chaired by the Hon. Cedric Frolick, the President of GLOBE International and speaker of the South African National Assembly.

Speaker: Michal Nachmany, Grantham Research Institute
Date: 26 October 2015
Venue: Westminster House




Presentation of the 2015 Global Climate Legislation Study at the 133rd Inter Parliamentary Union Assembly

The study was presented to legislators at the standing committee on sustainable development, finance and trade.

Speaker: Dr. Alina Averchenkova, Grantham Research Institute
Date: 19 October 2015
Venue: CICG, Geneva





Presentation of the 2015 Global Climate Legislation Study to members of GLOBE UK

The Study and considerations for the UK were presented to legislators from GLOBE UK.

Speaker: Prof. Sam Fankhauser, Grantham Research Institute
Date: 19 October 2015
Venue: Portcullis House, London

Launch of the 2015 Global Climate Legislation Study at the UNFCCC Bonn Climate Change Conference

Hosted by the Grantham Research Institute and the Inter-Parliamentary Union in collaboration with GLOBE International, this event marks the launch of the 2015 Global Climate Change Legislation Study.

Keynote speaker: Christiana Figueres (Executive Secretary, UNFCCC)
Date: 2 June 2015
Venue: UNFCCC Bonn Climate Change Conference, room Bonn III





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