The Amazon is facing a crucial tipping point of deforestation and degradation that would be devastating for Brazil and the world. We have now the chance to change course and keep the precious forest standing to safeguard the future of life on Earth.

The New Economy for the Brazilian Amazon (NEA, in PT), an initiative led by WRI Brazil and The New Climate Economy, in partnership with more than 75 researchers from multiple organizations, offers a roadmap for a low-carbon, deforestation-free future which positions the Amazon region as a catalyst for decarbonizing the entire Brazilian economy.

As part of the LCAW 2024 this event will focus on how Brazil could shape a new development model for the Amazon, giving particular relevance to an inclusive bioeconomy, to its local and traditional knowledge and to the environmental services provided by the biome. We will also discuss what financial mechanisms are needed, and opportunities and the existing challenges in the country and globally.


  • Alexandria Reid, Senior Policy Advisor at Global Witness
  • Ana Yang, Executive Director for the Chatham House Sustainability Accelerator
  • Cristiane Fontes, Executive Director for WRI Brazil

Moderator: Joana Stezer, LSE

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