Nicholas Hanely, Professor of Environmental Economics at the University of St Andrews, will be the speaker at this event.

In this seminar, Prof. Hanley looks at two design issues in PES (Payment for Ecosystem Services) schemes. The first is how to incentivise spatial coordination; the second is how to use behavioural nudges to increase participation. The presentation is based on the following papers:

  • Banerjee S., de Vries F., Hanley N. and van Soest D. (2014) “The Impact of Information Provision on Agglomeration Bonus Performance: An Experimental Study on Local Networks” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol: 96 (4): 1009-1029.
  • Kuhfuss, LL, Préget, R, Thoyer, S & Hanley, ND 2015, ‘Nudging farmers to enrol land into agri-environmental schemes: the role of a collective bonus’ European Review of Agricultural Economics, vol Advance Access., 10.1093/erae/jbv031
  • Kuhfuss, L. L., Preget, R., Thoyer, S., Hanley, N. D., Le Coent, P., Desole, M. (2016) Nudges, social norms and permanence in agri-environmental schemes. Land Economics, accepted for publication.
  • Banerjee S., Cason S., de Vries F. and Hanley N. (2015) Transaction Costs, Communication and Spatial Coordination in Payment for Ecosystem Services Schemes. Working paper, University of St Andrews.
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