Please note that the scheduled time for this event is Egyptian time, GMT-2

Tentative List of Speakers:

Nick Godfrey, GRI (moderator)

Finance Ministries:
Pekka Morén, Finland
Masyita Crystallin, Indonesia
Thierry Watrin, Rwanda
Sam Mugume, Uganda (TBC)
X UK, HM Treasury (TBC)

Environment Ministers from Rwanda, Finland, Indonesia and Uganda (details to be confirmed)

The objective of the meeting is to discuss the role of in driving climate action and outline a vision for the central role of Finance Ministries in securing a sustainable, inclusive, resilient future – and a framework for achieving that vision. It is important for Ministries of Finance to understand why they should strive to enhance their leadership on climate change and how they can do so, across a range of their core functions and capabilities.The meeting will consider a draft report for consultation by the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action. The report recommends that Ministries of Finance strengthen the role they play in driving climate action. It lays out a framework and guide for how Finance Ministries might mainstream climate action into their core functions and build the necessary capabilities to act based on their existing core business and responsibilities. It aims to connect and leverage the existing workstream products of the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action across all six Helsinki principles, to help ensure the whole adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

It is hoped the report – the work of a large global collaborative team of key experts and contributors, including Coalition member countries and Institutional Partners – can help to pave the way for broader consensus on strengthening the role of Ministries of Finance in driving climate action alongside other actors. The principal audience for this panel discussion are Finance Ministries themselves, but this event seeks to open the discussion with all key stakeholders.

Questions for Discussion

  1. How do you see the role of your Ministry of Finance shifting in the context of climate crisis?
  2. In which areas, Finance Ministries could contribute to the climate Action (see list of 12 actions and beyond) ?
  3. What is the division of labour between the MoEs and MoFs in your country?
  4. What constraints do you face?
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