This webinar explored the use cases of Assessing Sovereign Climate-related Opportunities and Risks (ASCOR), a publicly available, independent tool that assesses countries on climate change and is backed by an investor-led initiative.

After the inaugural webinar presenting the ASCOR framework and the findings from the first assessment of 25 countries, during this second event, market participants discussed how the analysis underpinning ASCOR can be used in different ways, including framing climate risk in sovereign debt analysis, informing a dialogue between investors and sovereign issuers as well as facilitating transition funding. 


Introduction – Victoria Barron, ASCOR Co-Chair

Víctor González Corvalán, Head of the Debt Management Office, Ministry of Finance, Chile

Tom Arup, Senior Specialist Stewardship (Sovereign Climate Engagement), Principles for Responsible Investment

Barbara Oldani, Lead on Stakeholders Engagement, Sustainability-Linked Sovereign Debt Hub

Matthew C. Graves, Emerging Market Sovereign Research Analyst, Western Asset Management


Carmen Nuzzo, Executive Director, Transition Pathway Initiative Centre, LSE

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