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Swenja Surminski discusses the impact of climate change on the UK housing sector. In this interview with Future Housing she outlines three major risk categories facing the sector: physical, transition and litigation and liability risk. She also discusses the importance of ensuring that post-COVID-19 recovery measures take account of climate targets. Read more

Coastal communities in India are confronting the effects of sea-level rise, erosion, flooding, and cyclones. This article examines displacement and migration from Odisha, the Sundarbans delta, and Majuli island in the state of Assam, examining national and state responses and the principles that could inform the design of policies to address displacement due to climate-related hazards. Read more

In this commentary, written in The Guardian, Bob Ward says that the media vilification of government adviser Neil Ferguson is about far more than social distancing. He says it is part of a media campaign led by those who are ideologically opposed to government measures in response to COVID-19. This campaign is similar to previous campaigns aimed at discrediting climate scientists. Read more

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