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250 experts call for Prime Minister Theresa May to use State Visit to challenge President Donald Trump on climate change

Press release 3 June, 2019

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been urged to confront US President Donald Trump during his State Visit to the United Kingdom over his “reckless” approach to climate change, in a letter made public today and signed by 250 researchers at institutions across the UK. read more »

American scientists and politicians attempt to overcome climate change denial

a commentary by Bob Ward 10 December, 2018

American climate researchers are today signalling their willingness to try even harder to warn Congress about the growing threat to families and businesses from shifts in extreme weather, rising sea … read more »

Letter from Bob Ward to Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (Ranking Member US House Committee on Science, Space and Technology)

a policy publication 10 December, 2018

In this letter Bob Ward invites the Congresswomen to support efforts by American climate researchers to engage with polticians on climate change.

Insurance and climate risk: the critical role of regulators

Commentary 14 November, 2018

By Dave Jones, California Insurance Commissioner (January 2011–January 2019) Insurance regulators have a critical role to play in making sure insurance companies are addressing the risks associated with climate change. … read more »

The Trump Administration’s proposed replacement for the Clean Power Plan is unfair and increases climate change risks around the world

Press release 21 August, 2018

Bob Ward comments on the publication of the Trump Administration’s alternative to President Obama’s Clean Power Plan. read more »

British Prime Minister responds to letter about President Trump

a commentary by Bob Ward 13 August, 2018

On 6 July, 135 members of the climate change research community in the UK wrote to the Prime Minister, Theresa May, ahead of the visit of Donald Trump, the President … read more »

Policymakers must take account of public opinion in carbon pricing policies

Press release 31 July, 2018

Governments and policymakers around the world must take more account of public opinion and not just economic arguments if they are to introduce more and stronger carbon pricing to cut … read more »

President Trump’s inaction on climate change is putting UK’s national security at risk, British researchers warn Prime Minister

Press release 9 July, 2018

More than 130 of the United Kingdom’s climate change researchers have urged the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, to challenge President Trump about climate change during his visit later this … read more »

Charles Moore praises Trump using misinformation about energy

Charles Moore praises Trump using misinformation about energy

a commentary by Bob Ward 3 June, 2018

An ode to Donald Trump published yesterday (2 June 2018) in ‘The Daily Telegraph’ praises his policy of inaction on climate change, but is riddled with inaccurate and misleading claims. … read more »

American climate change deniers all at sea

a commentary by Bob Ward 24 May, 2018

American climate change deniers have been making demonstrably false claims about sea level rise says Bob Ward. read more »