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Comment on flawed proposal to cut Air Passenger Duty

Press release 14 January, 2020

Commenting on reports today (Tuesday 14 January 2020) that the Government is to consider cuts to Air Passenger Duty, Professor Sam Fankhauser, Director of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate … read more »

Comment on new figures for heatwave deaths during summer 2019

Press release 7 January, 2020

Commenting on the publication today (Tuesday 7 January 2020) by Public Health England of ‘PHE heatwave mortality monitoring: Summer 2019’, Bob Ward, policy and communications director at the Grantham Research … read more »

British researchers urge Prime Minister to “challenge robustly” President Trump on climate change ahead of NATO summit

Press release 2 December, 2019

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has been urged to “challenge robustly” President Donald Trump about the risks of climate change in a letter from 350 members of the climate change research community in the United Kingdom. read more »

Zero-carbon goods and services need to be at the heart of UK growth

a commentary by Sam Unsworth 30 October, 2019

In the coming years the UK will be competing in a race between economies to become cleaner, smarter and more efficient. The prize? The lion’s share of growing markets for … read more »

Climate crisis: UK cannot reach net zero emissions ‘if ministers remain fixed on economic growth’

Climate crisis: UK cannot reach net zero emissions ‘if ministers remain fixed on economic growth’

in the news Josh Burke 29 August, 2019

This article reflects on comments made by the government’s chief environment scientist on the UK’s net zero target. In the article Josh Burke refers to research by the Grantham Research Institute which shows how achieving net zero and maintaining economic growth are not mutually exclusive. read more »

Whaley Bridge dam: heed flood defence warning, experts urge

Whaley Bridge dam: heed flood defence warning, experts urge

in the news Bob Ward 2 August, 2019

Bob Ward says the UK’s flood defence system isn’t fit for the 21st century. read more »

Creating a separate UK trading scheme for emissions the worst system of carbon pricing after Brexit

Press release 2 August, 2019

Carbon tax with “citizens’ dividend” one of best ways for UK to reach net zero by 2050 If the UK is to leave the EU Emissions Trading System as part … read more »

Breaking all-time UK temperature record a ‘disturbing milestone’

Press release 29 July, 2019

The Grantham Research Institute’s response to the announcement by the Met Office that a recording of 38.7°C at Cambridge Botanic Garden on Thursday 25 July has become the highest temperature officially recorded in the UK. read more »

Is it time to start naming deadly heatwaves?

a commentary by Bob Ward 23 July, 2019

A failure by the media to convey the severity of the health risks from heatwaves, which are becoming more frequent due to climate change, could undermine efforts to save lives … read more »

History is made as UK’s net zero emissions target becomes law

Press release 27 June, 2019

The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics and Political Science today (Thursday 27 June 2019) welcomed the signing into law of … read more »