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How could sustainable finance help avoid an emerging market sovereign debt crunch?

a commentary by Alexandra Pinzón, Nick Robins, Mike Hugman 26 May, 2020

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis, a trio of sustainable finance innovations could enable emerging economies to overcome sovereign debt problems and support their delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals, write Alexandra Pinzon, Nick Robins and Mike Hugman. read more »

Financing climate ambition in the context of COVID-19

Financing climate ambition in the context of COVID-19

a commentary by Nicholas Stern 4 May, 2020

Nicholas Stern comments on the recovery from COVID-19, which, he says, must be designed to be sustainable if it is to take us to the drive to the transformational growth that can give us a much better path of development and growth and avoid the dangers of the old system. read more »

Earth Day 50 – Sustainable finance: the road ahead

a policy publication by Nick Robins 21 April, 2020

Transcript of the keynote speech delivered by Nick Robins on 20 April 2020 as part of Earth Day Week, in which he suggests five priorities for how we should reset sustainable finance in the decade to 2030. read more »

Financial success through sustainability leadership: how one energy company is aligning its business strategies to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Commentary 27 February, 2020

In this post for the Sustainable Finance Leadership series, Alberto De Paoli explains how Enel, a multinational energy company, is leveraging the opportunities offered by decarbonisation to deliver on social and environmental goals. read more »

Climate ambition depends on finance and finance follows ambition

Commentary 18 December, 2019

In raising ambition and accelerating action on climate change, there is one sector that can have an outsized impact on changing the trajectory: the finance sector. In this post for the Sustainable Finance Leadership Series, Patrick Curran, Nicholas Stern and Nick Robins set out why and how the finance sector should be encouraged to ramp up its focus on climate action. read more »

Sustainability and internationalism:  driving development in  the 21st century

Sustainability and internationalism: driving development in the 21st century

a policy publication by Nicholas Stern 28 March, 2019

Nicholas Stern contends that embarking on a path of strong, sustainable and inclusive growth can deliver the zero-carbon economy and the Sustainable Development Goals, and that such a strategy both requires, and can help create, a new internationalism. This is an extended version of a lecture by Professor Stern delivered in February 2019 at the University of Cambridge. read more »

Climate change and the just transition – A guide for investor action

a policy publication by Nick Robins, Vonda Brunsting, David Wood 6 December, 2018

A ‘just transition’ for workers and communities as the world’s economy responds to climate change was included within the Paris Agreement. This guide sets out how investors can address the social dimension of climate change and pursue the goal of a just transition as part of their core operating practices. read more »

New report shows it is vital for investors to support a just transition for workers: Institutions with US$5 trillion in assets back efforts to link climate action to social inclusion

Press release 6 December, 2018

Investors can play a critical role in making sure that action on climate change also builds a prosperous and inclusive economy – in other words, achieving a just transition. This … read more »

As Southern Africa faces new urban drought challenges, who is heeding the wake-up call?

a commentary by Kate Elizabeth Gannon, Patrick Curran, Declan Conway 4 December, 2018

The major disruption to urban water and hydroelectricity supplies caused by the conditions accompanying the 2015/16 El Niño in Southern Africa show that governments and businesses need to be more prepared for climatic extremes, argue the authors of this commentary. read more »

Where next for sustainable insurance? Five priorities for the next decade

Where next for sustainable insurance? Five priorities for the next decade

a commentary by Swenja Surminski, Nick Robins, William Irwin 5 November, 2018

This commentary reviews how both the insurance sector and its partners could build on the growing momentum and overcome the continuing barriers to deep implementation of sustainable insurance practices over the coming decade. read more »