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Nicholas Stern responds to publication of the final draft of the Paris Agreement on climate change

Press release 12 December, 2015

Responding to the publication today (12 December 2015) of the final draft of the Paris Agreement on climate change, Nicholas Stern, Chair of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change … read more »

Paris climate change summit could go halfway to avoiding global warming of more than 2°C

Press release 30 October, 2015

Pledges by countries ahead of the Paris climate change summit could move the world up to halfway between ‘business as usual’ and a pathway that would offer a reasonable chance of avoiding global warming of more than 2 centigrade degrees. read more »

Success at climate change conference depends on creating pressures to later upscale ambition and close ‘emissions gap’

Press release 31 August, 2015

An anticipated global deal on climate change should encourage countries to upscale their ambition every few years to help overcome an ‘emissions gap’, according to a new paper. read more »

Prof. David W. Pearce memorial lecture | Midnight in Paris: will COP 21 make a difference?

Public Lecture 10 Sep 2015

Professor Scott Barrett, Lenfest-Earth Institute Professor of Natural Resource Economics at Columbia University, presents this lecture in which he explores the economics of the Paris Climate Summit in December. read more »

Towards agreement in Paris 2015: Why domestic issues matter more than international law

a commentary by Fergus Green 16 December, 2014

As the climate change negotiations at COP20 in Lima come to a close, the question of whether the new climate agreement being negotiated should be “internationally legally binding” remains an unresolved point of controversy. read more »

Nicholas Stern welcomes Lima climate change agreement

Press release 14 December, 2014

Nicholas Stern welcomes the agreement today (14 December 2014) at the 20th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Lima, Peru. read more »

Nicholas Stern calls for new approach by governments to climate change talks

Press release 8 December, 2014

Governments should be ambitious, dynamic and collaborative in their negotiations over a new international agreement on climate change, according to a new report by Nicholas Stern read more »

The Diplomacy of Climate Change: prospects for the next CoP

Policy Seminar 12 Nov 2010

Speaker: Professor John Ashton, UK Foreign Secretary’s Climate Change Ambassador