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Confronting Climate Change: Economics, Fairness and Political Feasibility

Public Lecture 20 Oct 2014

How can climate change policies be designed to be not only environmentally effective but also cost-effective and fair? How can they be made more acceptable politically? Professor Lawrence H. Goulder’s … read more »

Walking alone? How the UK’s carbon targets compare with its competitors’

a policy publication by Samuela Bassi, Sam Fankhauser, Fergus Green, Michal Nachmany 18 March, 2014

The UK Government is reviewing the fourth carbon budget for the period  2023-27. The Committee on Climate Change has recommended that the budget, which was originally legislated in … read more »

New study finds UK is a world leader in cutting greenhouse gas emissions but is not acting alone

Press release 3 March, 2014

The UK is an international leader in cutting greenhouse gas emissions, but is not acting alone, according to a new report published today (3 March 2014) by the ESRC Centre … read more »