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Confronting Climate Change: Economics, Fairness and Political Feasibility

Public Lecture 20 Oct 2014

How can climate change policies be designed to be not only environmentally effective but also cost-effective and fair? How can they be made more acceptable politically? Professor Lawrence H. Goulder’s … read more »

What is the 2008 Climate Change Act?


The Climate Change Act was passed in November 2008 with an overwhelming majority across parties. It sets out emission reduction targets that the UK must legally comply with. It represents … read more »

Walking alone? How the UK’s carbon targets compare with its competitors’

a policy publication by Samuela Bassi, Sam Fankhauser, Fergus Green, Michal Nachmany 18 March, 2014

The UK Government is reviewing the fourth carbon budget for the period  2023-27. The Committee on Climate Change has recommended that the budget, which was originally legislated in … read more »

New study finds UK is a world leader in cutting greenhouse gas emissions but is not acting alone

Press release 3 March, 2014

The UK is an international leader in cutting greenhouse gas emissions, but is not acting alone, according to a new report published today (3 March 2014) by the ESRC Centre … read more »

Flood insurance and the Water Bill

a policy publication by Florence Crick, Sam Fankhauser, Swenja Surminski, Bob Ward 14 November, 2013

Through the Water Bill, the Government is seeking powers to establish a new scheme for the provision of flood insurance. The proposed scheme, Flood Re, offers … read more »

Climate change policies and the UK business sector: overview, impacts and suggestions for reform

a policy publication by Samuela Bassi, Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Sam Fankhauser 1 November, 2013

The UK has a complex system of energy taxes which affect the business sector. Overlaps between taxes mean that carbon prices are uneven across sectors and fuels, and … read more »

The Climate Change Act

The Climate Change Act

a policy publication by Samuela Bassi, Bob Ward, Dimitri Zenghelis 1 September, 2013

The Climate Change Act received Royal Assent on 26 November 2008 and set an overarching target to reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 per cent by … read more »

Climate change policy UK

Climate change policy UK

a policy publication by Chris Duffy, Alex Bowen 18 August, 2013

The Grantham Research Institute for Climate Change and the Environment and the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) have published a policy paper, originally commissioned as a working paper … read more »

Analysis and control design of sustainable policies for greenhouse gas emissions

Analysis and control design of sustainable policies for greenhouse gas emissions

a research article by Cameron Hepburn 21 May, 2013

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is now an urgent priority. Systems control theory, and in particular feedback control, can be helpful in designing policies that achieve sustainable levels of emissions … read more »

The world needs an unbiased risk assessor

The world needs an unbiased risk assessor

a commentary by Nicholas Stern 24 March, 2009

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