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Governance of climate change policy: A case study of South Africa

a policy publication by Alina Averchenkova, Kate Elizabeth Gannon, Patrick Curran 26 June, 2019

This report and accompanying 8-page brief examine some of the emerging challenges in climate governance in South Africa and potential solutions. The lessons identified are also relevant for other developing economies. read more »

Climate change governance in Tanzania: challenges and opportunities

a policy publication by Michal Nachmany 22 October, 2018

The policy brief outlines the key governance challenges Tanzania faces in implementing its climate policies, describes the drivers of and barriers to climate-relevant policy processes, and concludes with policy recommendations. read more »

Global trends in climate change legislation and litigation: 2018 snapshot

a policy publication by Michal Nachmany, Joana Setzer 30 April, 2018

This brief summarises the most recent trends in climate change litigation and legislation, now with global coverage. read more »