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China, the world and the next decade: better growth, better climate

a policy publication by Ehtisham Ahmad, Isabella Neuweg, Nicholas Stern 26 April, 2018

This paper argues that China’s agenda of internal reform towards strong, clean and inclusive growth is heavily linked to its actions in its major trading partner countries, especially those associated with the Belt and Road Initiative. read more »

Clean Growth Strategy: Much to praise but many aspirations rather than tangible policy commitments

a commentary by Sam Fankhauser 13 October, 2017

Mobilising private sector funding and implementing a strong industrial strategy will be critical to the sucess of the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy says Sam Fankhauser. read more »

Financing low-carbon growth and innovation in the UK Industrial Strategy

a policy publication by Sini Matikainen 24 April, 2017

This policy brief outlines how the public sector can crowd in private finance to support low-carbon growth and innovation in the UK government’s Industrial Strategy. read more »

Climate change policy, innovation and growth

a policy publication by Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Ralf Martin, Samuela Bassi 18 January, 2016

New clean technologies are urgently required to meet long-term global climate goals. Simulating the development of these technologies has become worldwide policy priority. This policy brief uses the … read more »

Nicholas Stern – The Low-Carbon Industrial Revolution

Nicholas Stern – The Low-Carbon Industrial Revolution

Public Lecture Nicholas Stern, Michael Jacobs, Judith Rees 17 Mar 2011

Part of LSE Works, a new series of public lectures, sponsored by SAGE publications, that will showcase some of the latest research by LSE’s Research Centres. Nicholas Stern provided an … read more »

Green Growth: the transition to a sustainable economy

Policy Seminar 2 Nov 2010

Chris Huhne set out the economic need for low-carbon growth as an essential path out of recession. He argued that the need to urgently renew and decarbonise our energy supply, … read more »

The economics of resource efficient cities

The economics of resource efficient cities

a policy publication 19 March, 2013

GA Inside Track Spring 2013 External link to publication

Grasping the opportunity

Grasping the opportunity

a commentary by Dimitri Zenghelis 1 May, 2011

With the right backing from government, the Green Investment Bank has the potential to unlock huge opportunities for investment and innovation, to drive a greener economy. Dimitri Zenghelis makes the … read more »

The China factor

The China factor

a commentary by Michael Jacobs 28 April, 2011

China’s Five Year Plan could turn out to be a turning point for global climate policy, writes Michael Jacobs. Inside Story

Low-carbon development for the least developed countries

Low-carbon development for the least developed countries

a research article by Alex Bowen, Sam Fankhauser 20 January, 2011

The contribution of the least developed countries (LDCs) to the greenhouse gas problem is very small. LDCs accounted for just over 4% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in … read more »