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Capitalising on technological change and the low-carbon transition in the UK

a commentary by James Rydge, Ralf Martin, Anna Valero 3 December, 2018

Upon publication of a new special report for the LSE Growth Commission, the authors outline why it is sensible for environmental sustainability to be at the heart of the UK’s growth strategy and how this can be achieved. read more »

Low carbon economy: What role for legislators?

a policy publication by Alina Averchenkova 16 November, 2017

Presentation given at the Parliamentary meeting on the occasion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Bonn (Germany), 12 November 2017. The meeting was organized jointly by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the Parliament … read more »

Clean Growth Strategy: Much to praise but many aspirations rather than tangible policy commitments

a commentary by Sam Fankhauser 13 October, 2017

Mobilising private sector funding and implementing a strong industrial strategy will be critical to the sucess of the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy says Sam Fankhauser. read more »

CISPS | The health co-benefits of the low-carbon economy

Climate Change, Inequality & Social Policy Seminar 16 Feb 2017

The Health Co-benefits of the low carbon economy Professor Paul Wilkinson, London School of Medicine and Tropical Hygiene Can the co-benefits of climate action help to deliver social equity? Dr … read more »

Path dependence, innovation and the economics of climate change

a policy publication by Philippe Aghion, Cameron Hepburn, Alexander Teytelboym, Dimitri Zenghelis 24 November, 2014

Shifting our fossil-fuelled civilisation to clean modes of production and consumption requires deep transformations in our energy and economic systems read more »

Grantham Workshop: Alina Averchenkova

Grantham Workshop: Alina Averchenkova

Grantham Workshop Alina Averchenkova 12 Nov 2014

Barriers to the case for accelerated low carbon transition: Analysis of the conversations with Chief Economists and Senior Policy Advisors read more »

The structural shift to green services: A two-sector growth model with public capital and open-access resources

The structural shift to green services: A two-sector growth model with public capital and open-access resources

a research article by Emanuele Campiglio 24 June, 2014

An expansion of economic activities with low impact on ecological resources is a crucial component of the transition to a low-carbon society. “Green” structural change is analysed here through a model with a “progressive” manufacturing sector and a “stagnant” service sector. read more »

Energía: una buena oportunidad para Europa

Energía: una buena oportunidad para Europa

a commentary by Nicholas Stern 27 January, 2014

El nuevo plan de energía y clima de la Comisión puede facilitar fuertes inversiones privadas, pero solo si los líderes europeos acuerdan con claridad los pasos necesarios para acelerar una … read more »

Behind the headlines: EU 2030 package

a commentary by Naomi Hicks 24 January, 2014

This week the European Commission unveiled its proposed package of energy and climate policies up to 2030, with the aim of ensuring a secure, cost-effective energy supply and continued transition … read more »

In praise of a green stimulus

In praise of a green stimulus

a research article by Dimitri Zenghelis 19 January, 2014

Macroeconomic conditions make this a relatively favorable time to kick-start investments necessary to transition to a resource-efficient economy read more »