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Building back better: policies for a strong and sustainable recovery

a commentary by Sam Unsworth, Anna Valero 18 May, 2020

There’s an opportunity to build a new social contract, tackle inequality, foster innovation and adopt a long-term industrial strategy, write Sam Unsworth and Anna Valero, discussing some of the issues raised from a recent webinar hosted by the Royal Economic Society on policies for a strong and sustainable recovery from COVID-19. read more »

UK Budget needs to include major zero-carbon investments to reposition its economy in next decade

Press release 4 March, 2020

This year’s Budget, due to be announced next week, should mark the beginning of massive and long-term investment in zero-carbon infrastructure, new skills and sustainable innovation if the UK is … read more »

Delivering strong and sustainable growth in the UK: A special decade for innovation and investment

In advance of the Budget, this policy report highlights areas of the UK economy where the public sector could leverage private investment and in so doing contribute to achieving the strategic priorities of regionally balanced growth and decarbonisation. read more »

Climate ambition depends on finance and finance follows ambition

Commentary 18 December, 2019

In raising ambition and accelerating action on climate change, there is one sector that can have an outsized impact on changing the trajectory: the finance sector. In this post for the Sustainable Finance Leadership Series, Patrick Curran, Nicholas Stern and Nick Robins set out why and how the finance sector should be encouraged to ramp up its focus on climate action. read more »

Financing the climate change triple jump: how to align capital with a 1.5°C world

a commentary by Nick Robins 6 November, 2018

The global financial system needs to undertake its own transition, to play its role in limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees. Nick Robins identifies three ‘leaps’ for banks, capital markets, insurers and investors to take. read more »

The time to invest in energy access is now

Commentary 19 September, 2018

By Rachel Kyte, Chief Executive Officer of Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), and Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All  Delays in closing the energy access … read more »

The just transition: the emerging agenda for Europe’s investors

a commentary by Nick Robins, William Irwin 9 August, 2018

2018 is turning out to be the year of the “just transition”. In December, the UN’s annual climate conference, COP24, will be held in Katowice in the heart of Silesia’s … read more »

The mythical peril of divesting from fossil fuels

Commentary 13 June, 2018

Published as part of our Sustainable Finance Leadership Series By Jeremy Grantham, Co-Founder, Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment I have met more investment committees than I care … read more »

Investing in a just transition: Why investors need to integrate a social dimension into their climate strategies and how they could take action

a policy publication by Nick Robins, Vonda Brunsting, David Wood 1 June, 2018

This discussion paper explores why investors should contribute to the ‘just transition’ as the world’s economy decarbonises, and how they can do so. It is the first output of the … read more »

China, the world and the next decade: better growth, better climate

a policy publication by Ehtisham Ahmad, Isabella Neuweg, Nicholas Stern 26 April, 2018

This paper argues that China’s agenda of internal reform towards strong, clean and inclusive growth is heavily linked to its actions in its major trading partner countries, especially those associated with the Belt and Road Initiative. read more »