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Climate change and the just transition – A guide for investor action

a policy publication by Nick Robins, Vonda Brunsting, David Wood 6 December, 2018

A ‘just transition’ for workers and communities as the world’s economy responds to climate change was included within the Paris Agreement. This guide sets out how investors can address the social dimension of climate change and pursue the goal of a just transition as part of their core operating practices. read more »

New report shows it is vital for investors to support a just transition for workers: Institutions with US$5 trillion in assets back efforts to link climate action to social inclusion

Press release 6 December, 2018

Investors can play a critical role in making sure that action on climate change also builds a prosperous and inclusive economy – in other words, achieving a just transition. This … read more »

Financing the transition: how investors can help make climate action inclusive

a commentary by Nick Robins, Vonda Brunsting, David Wood, William Irwin 4 October, 2018

Partners from the Investing in a Just Transition project explain the arguments for an equitable low-carbon transition and report on important progress that is being made. read more »