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Green Growth and the New Industrial Revolution

Keynote Speakers Professor Cameron Hepburn, University of Oxford and Grantham Research Institute Simon Upton, Environment Director, OECD Chairs Professor Dame Judith Rees, Grantham Research Institute Professor Sam Fankhauser, Grantham Research … read more »

Energy Transitions and the Industrial Revolution

Policy Seminar 28 Oct 2014

Energy transitions involve both changes in the price and availability of energy sources and biased technological change that acts to integrate the new energy carriers into production systems and improve … read more »

Nicholas Stern – The Low-Carbon Industrial Revolution

Nicholas Stern – The Low-Carbon Industrial Revolution

Public Lecture Nicholas Stern, Michael Jacobs, Judith Rees 17 Mar 2011

Part of LSE Works, a new series of public lectures, sponsored by SAGE publications, that will showcase some of the latest research by LSE’s Research Centres. Nicholas Stern provided an … read more »