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New reports find that a well-designed carbon tax could leave low-income households better off and drive the transition to a net-zero economy

Press release 9 March, 2020

The UK government should consider a broader-based carbon tax that is distributionally fair and consistent with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions as the current economic framework for decarbonisation in the UK … read more »

Distributional impacts of a carbon tax in the UK

a policy publication by Josh Burke, Sam Fankhauser, Alex Kazaglis, Louise Kessler, Naina Khandelwal, Peter O’Boyle, Anne Owen 9 March, 2020

This study explores the distributional impacts of a net-zero-consistent carbon price across different household types and income deciles in the UK; and examines which combination of interventions may reduce carbon consumption and still be progressive. The authors find that it is possible to design a revenue recycling scheme that leaves fuel-poor and low-income households better off while driving the transition to net-zero emissions in the UK by 2050. read more »