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Pricing ambiguity in catastrophe risk insurance

Pricing ambiguity in catastrophe risk insurance

a working paper by Simon Dietz, Falk Niehörster 23 May, 2019

The authors of this paper apply a newly developed insurance pricing model to two catastrophe model data sets relating to hurricane risk in two locations in the Atlantic basin, estimating ambiguity loads – the extra insurance premium due to ambiguity – and showing how these depend on the insurer’s attitude to ambiguity. read more »

Cyclone Idai’s devastating impacts highlight the importance of overseas aid from rich to poor countries

a commentary by Bob Ward 22 March, 2019

Bob Ward argues that the disastrous effects Cyclone Idai on Mozambique has shown the crucial importance of rich countries providing financial support to poor countries, to help them become more resilient to extreme weather and to adapt to climate change. read more »