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Sustainable finance in troubling times: five actions to prevent market turbulence turning into a crisis

a commentary by Nick Robins 9 January, 2019

Sustainable finance ended 2018 on a high. Never before has so much capital been committed to integrating environmental, social and governance factors. But financial markets also entered an unnerving cycle. If we are not careful, growing financial turbulence could divert attention away from the urgent need to scale up investment in climate action and sustainable development, writes Nick Robins. read more »

Why global warming could make or break south-east Asia

Why global warming could make or break south-east Asia

a commentary by Nicholas Stern 5 May, 2009

South-east Asia has the most to lose from global warming but could gain much by developing a low-carbon future. The Guardian

Governments need to commit US$400 billion by summer to ‘green’ measures that tackle economic crisis

Press release 11 February, 2009

Governments need to include spending on ‘green’ measures in their packages for tackling the global economic crisis in order to address the growing threat of climate change, according to a report published by former members of the team that produced the landmark report on ‘The Economics of Climate Change: The Stern Review’. read more »

An outline of the case for a ‘green’ stimulus

An outline of the case for a ‘green’ stimulus

a policy publication by Alex Bowen, Sam Fankhauser, Nicholas Stern, Dimitri Zenghelis 1 February, 2009

Alex Bowen, Samuel Fankhauser, Nicholas Stern and Dimitri Zenghelis  

LSE shops use cut in VAT to boost green sales –

Commentary 10 January, 2009

From Mr David Grover. Sir, Readers may be interested to know how the London School of Economics Student Union Shops has applied the recent VAT reduction to the sale of … read more »