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Understanding the water-energy-food nexus in a warming climate

Understanding the water-energy-food nexus in a warming climate

in the news Declan Conway, Christian Siderius 7 August, 2019

Understanding the connections between water use, and energy and food production can help us address some of challenges posed by climate change. read more »

How do UK businesses walk the talk of net-zero ambition?

a commentary by Sam Unsworth 1 April, 2019

Business must deliver a step-change in its own ambitions and discourse if the UK is to meet a 2050 net-zero emissions target, argues Sam Unsworth. read more »

Mind over matter – how expectations generate sustainable wealth

Mind over matter – how expectations generate sustainable wealth

a commentary by Dimitri Zenghelis 19 March, 2019

Dimitri Zenghelis writes on how our expectations of the future shape the world and how we generate wealth, and determine whether and how we meet our climate and sustainability targets. read more »

What are the pros and cons of onshore wind energy?


What is onshore wind energy and what contribution does it make? Wind turbines harness the energy of moving air to generate electricity. Onshore wind refers to turbines located on land, … read more »

What is gas’s role in the energy mix in the UK and what is the Government’s strategy on gas?


1. What role does gas play in the UK’s energy mix? Natural gas currently plays a significant role in the UK’s energy mix, with a notable increase in the proportion … read more »

What are gas prices in the UK and how do they affect bills?


1. What are current gas prices in the UK? UK wholesale gas prices have been increasing since the early 2000s, due to upward pressure on prices in Europe and the … read more »

Low water levels in Malawi

Hydropower in Africa: Plans for new dams could increase the risk of disruption to electricity supply

a commentary by Declan Conway 13 December, 2017

New research published in Nature Energy this month finds that plans for new dams could put electricity generation and supply at risk and highlights the importance of considering rainfall patterns when planning the location of new hydropower dams in Africa read more »

Autumn Budget should strengthen carbon pricing and maintain subsidies for renewable power

Press release 20 November, 2017

The Treasury should use the Autumn Budget on 22 November to introduce a stronger carbon price and to extend existing financial support for renewable power, according to a report published today (20 November) by the Grantham Research Institute. read more »

What does the Helm Review teach us about climate policy?

a commentary by Sam Fankhauser 27 October, 2017

Professor Dieter Helm’s Cost of Energy review was greeted in parts of the press with headlines like “excessive green taxes force up energy bills”. Sam Fankhauser analyses the review in the context of UK efforts to tackle climate change. read more »

Response to the publication of the Cost of Energy Review

Press release 25 October, 2017

Responding to the publication today [25 October, 2017] of the independent Cost of Energy Review by Professor Dieter Helm, CBE, Bob Ward, policy and communications director at the Grantham Research … read more »