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Lake Malawi’s threshold behaviour: A stakeholder-informed model to simulate sensitivity to climate change

a research article by Ajay Gajanan Bhave, Ajay Gambhir, Suraje Dessai, Declan Conway, Andrew J. Dougill 10 February, 2020

Over 90% of Malawi’s electricity generation and irrigation depend on Lake Malawi outflows into the Shire River. Recent lake level declines have raised concerns over future climate change impacts, … read more »

As Southern Africa faces new urban drought challenges, who is heeding the wake-up call?

a commentary by Kate Elizabeth Gannon, Patrick Curran, Declan Conway 4 December, 2018

The major disruption to urban water and hydroelectricity supplies caused by the conditions accompanying the 2015/16 El Niño in Southern Africa show that governments and businesses need to be more prepared for climatic extremes, argue the authors of this commentary. read more »