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Researchers warn of big increase in economic costs if cuts in greenhouse gas emissions are delayed

Press release 27 September, 2018

Stronger efforts to cut emissions of greenhouse gases should be undertaken if global warming of more than 1.5 Celsius degrees is to be avoided without relying on potentially more expensive … read more »

The economic effects of long-term climate change: evidence from the little ice age

a working paper by Maria Waldinger 22 October, 2015

This paper studies the economic effects of long-term and gradual climate change, over a period of 250 years, when people have time to adapt. read more »

The Economics of Climate Change

The Economics of Climate Change

a policy publication by Alex Bowen 2 January, 2011

Alex Bowen and James Rydge, 2011. Chapter in: The Governance of Climate Change: Science, Politics and Ethics Link to publisher

Our low-carbon future

Our low-carbon future

a commentary by Nicholas Stern 21 October, 2009

Efforts to curb climate change and help the poor are inextricably entwined, writes the author of a landmark report on the economics of climate change. European Voice