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RSS | Christian Gollier ‘Term structures of discount rates: An international perspective’

Research Seminar Serie 11 Jan 2017

Christian Gollier, Professor of Economics at the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), will be the speaker at this event. Christian will present is upcoming paper entitled ‘Term structures of discount … read more »

The endowment effect and environmental discounting

a working paper by Simon Dietz, Frank Venmans 5 August, 2016

There is a considerable body of evidence from behavioural economics and contingent valuation showing that our preferences exhibit both reference dependence and loss aversion, a.k.a. the endowment effect. In this … read more »

Nicholas Stern

Economics: Current climate models are grossly misleading

a research article by Nicholas Stern 25 February, 2016

Nicholas Stern calls on scientists, engineers and economists to help policymakers by better modelling the immense risks to future generations, and the potential for action. read more »

Discounting disentangled

a working paper by Ben Groom, Mark C. Freeman, Frikk Nesje, Moritz Drupp 27 November, 2015

This working paper finds that current policy guidance concerning social discounting and the evaluation of long-term public projects needs to be updated. read more »

Agreeing to disagree on climate policy

Agreeing to disagree on climate policy

a research article by Antony Millner 11 March, 2014

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA. Disagreements about the value of the utility discount rate—the rate at which our concern for the welfare of future people declines with their distance from us in time—are at the heart of the debate about the appropriate intensity of climate policy. read more »